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Apps for America (Yet another cool project from Sunlight Foundation)

In Uncategorized on December 23, 2008 at 8:54 am

Sunlight Foundation has a great development content underway.

Apps for America is Sunlight’s annual development contest! Prizes go to developers who can use data from Sunlight and their partners that makes Congress more accountable, interactive and transparent.  Sunlight helped create insanely useful applications like: OpenCongress , MapLight and Congresspedia.

*personally, I’d love to see an application which combines OpenSecrets.org API with Hoover’s API’s. But then someone would have to pay for Hoover’s data…  It would make targeting corporations and lobbyists easier and more powerful.

Back to the contest:

How to Compete

  1. Contestants must join the Sunlight Labs Google Group
  2. Entries must use one of the following APIs or Datasets in their mashup:
  3. While not required, bonus points go to using one of Sunlight’s open source libraries
  4. All software you write has to be licensed under the MIT, New BSD, or the GPL family of licenses.


Submissions have three parts:

  1. A link to a fully functional demonstration of the software on a web server you provide
  2. A link to a public source code repository (Subversion, Git, or just a Tarball is fine)
  3. An email describing the software also containing the links to 1 & 2 sent to labscontest@cjoh.otherinbox.com


Submissions are due on March 31st. Winners will be announced on April 7th.