Ideal project scope and ideas

In Uncategorized on April 22, 2009 at 2:09 pm

So today we are starting some very early tests of Birrbit’s first prototype.  We are calling it a Private Alpha.  Just for friends and family at this point.

We are looking for a few test projects.  The ideal project scope/characteristics would include:
•    Project coordinator(s). Someone who will commit to setting-up project, inviting others and taking responsibility to coordinate others.
•    Project length: somewhere between 1 day to 3 weeks max.  We are hoping to have projects with a start and end date.  This is really helpful for us as we’d like to test a full-life cycle of a project
•    It’s a shared project/goal.   Namely, you’d involve others on the project.
•    You’d feel comfortable asking friends/coworkers to help-out on the project and to use the service, which is in early stages of testing.
•    As for what type of project?  That’s open.  Could be something you already have underway/about to start (at work, socially, etc.) to or an idea of something you’d like to do.  Main thing: You are ready to get started on it (or start using our test application for it)
Still scratching your head on what you’d use it for?  Here are some project ideas to get the wheels turning:
•    Organize a potluck or picnic
•    Organize a party/gathering
•    Organize a group of friends for night out  (dinner, concert, lecture, etc.)
•    Plan a special day with friends for someone special
•    Conduct a group art project
•    Organize a lecture, seminar
•    Organize group to conduct a community service project
•    Organize a fundraising party for a local nonprofit/cause you wish to support
•    Get your siblings to work on a project recording stories of parents/grandparents
•    Use with small team to staff a work event/seminar
•    Plan a music gathering
•    Create a training/information sharing project at work
•    If there is a project at work that you are currently using a combination of a task/todo list and email conversation with colleagues, then it might be a good fit for a test project

I am running out of ideas, what about you?  When it comes down to it, just want it to be something that’s easy and/or fun for you.

Interested in learning more?  Post a comment and I’ll be in touch.


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