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volunteer surplus

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Great article.  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/16/nyregion/16volunteers.html?_r=2&emc=eta1 Increasingly seems like we have a volunteer surplus.  What services exist to help NPOs effectively manage a growing pool of volunteers.


Interesting links for 3/18/09

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Interesting links for 3/16/09

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  • The Extraordinaries, Corporations, Community Development, and Social Good – Great article looking at implications of crowdsourcing on community development and corporate social social responsibility.
  • Twitter’s Endgame: Search is Chat? – Fascinating post, looking at implications of Twitter’s real-time search. This is similar to a thesis I have been working on: Twitter will become the underlying platform for a next generation of forum/discussion groups. It offers the ease of discovering topics/people of interest that old-world discussion boards offer, but with a new service layer that makes it much easier for people to interact with the “discussions” integrated into the existing stream of tweets they are following. So rather than go to yahoo groups or an audio forum, people will use hashtags and search filters, and perhaps overtime other features which twitter introduces (@topic would be great).

Interesting links for 3/05/09

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  • Stimulus 2.0: It’s the Start-ups, Stupid. – Simple but important ideas for where to focus some of the stimulus dollars.  What platform needs do small businesses have which the technology industry can help provide?
  • Why Is Her Paycheck Smaller? Compelling use of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Department, mapping the disparity of what American men and women are paid for the same jobs.


Interesting links for 3/03/09

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Interesting links for 3/02/09

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