Congrats to the 2009 TED Fellows

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Here is a list of people doing very inspiring work.

From TED’s website, here are the 2009 TED fellows:

Adrian Hong: Director of The Pegasus Project; founder and former Executive Director of Liberty in North Korea. Korea/U.S.

Alexander MacDonald: NASA economist; Ph.D. student, Oxford. U.S./U.K./Canada

Ana Gabela: Ornithologist studying human impacts on Galapagos; Avian Disease Coordinator, state of Hawaii. Galapagos/U.S.

Andriankoto Ratozamanana: Cofounder of MEGASEEDS; reforestation activist. Madagascar

Awa Marie Coll-Seck: Executive Director of Roll Back Malaria Partnership; former Health Minister of Senegal. Senegal

Bola Olabisi: Founder of Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network; Nigeria/U.K.

Bright Simons: Cofounder of mPedigree — anti-pharmaceutical fraud technology solutions for Africa and India; Development analyst with multi-award winning think-tank. Ghana

Colleen Flanigan: Fine artist — metals sculptor who applied metallurgy techniques to coral reef reconstruction; armaturist for Henry Selick’s 3D stop-motion feature film Coraline. U.S.

Daniela Candillari: Pianist; Fulbright Scholar. Slovenia/U.S.

Darius Weems: Duchene Muscular Dystrophy activist; subject of Logan Smalley’s documentary Darius Goes West; rapper. U.S.

Erik Hersman: Cofounder of Ushahidi.com — a site providing online visualization of conflict areas; blogger for Afrigadget.com and White African; organizer, Maker Faire Africa. Kenya/U.S.

Esther K. Chae: Actor/playwright — her one-woman show explores a North Korean spy and the attempts to unmask her; Yale Drama alum. U.S./Korea

Faisal Chohan: Co-Founder of BrightSpyre.com — leading jobs portal in Pakistan today that has set the foundation of internet business in Pakistan. Pakistan

Gerry Douglas: Founder of Baobab Health — an NGO creating eHealth systems to address health care crises in the developing world with particular emphasis on HIV care and treatment. Malawi/U.S.

Jane Nordli: Musician; educator. U.S.

Jen Brea: Writer and blogger; Ph.D. student at Harvard; writing a book on Chinese migrants in Africa and African migrants in China. U.S.

Joshua Wanyama: Founder of Pamoja Media — the first African online advertising network; founder of African Path — an African Huffington Post. Kenya/U.S.

Joy Sun: Global health activist; student, Stanford Business School. U.S.

Juliana Machado Ferreira: Conservation geneticist using genetic markers to track and interdict illegal songbird trafficking; setting up Wildlife Forensics Laboratory in Brazil. Brazil

Juliana Rotich: Cofounder of Ushahidi.com — a site providing online visualization of conflict areas; blogger, Environmental Editor of GlobalVoices. Kenya/U.S.

Juliette Lamontagne: Educator; Founder of youth art activism program; Curriculum consultant for innovation and school reform. U.S.

Katrin Verclas: Mobile trends analyst and founder of Mobileactive.org — a global network of people using mobile technology for social impact. U.S.

Karen Baptiste: Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow researching the intersection between environmental psychology, environmental justice, and resource management; Fulbright Scholar. Trinidad/U.S.

Kyra Gaunt: Ethnomusicologist; vocalist; author of The Games Black Girls Play: Learning the Ropes from Double-Dutch to Hip-hop (2006). U.S.

Logan Smalley: Duchene Muscular Dystrophy Advocate; documentary filmmaker, Darius Goes West. U.S.

Lucas Welch: Founder of Soliya — an NGO promoting understanding between young leaders in the U.S. and the Muslim world. U.S.

Mohammad Tauheed: Architect; Founder of ArchSociety.com — an online community for architects. Bangladesh

Oliver Hess: Codirector Materials and Applications, principal infranatural; creator of interactive public art projects and social/spatial experimentss. U.S.

Patrick Awuah: Founder and President of Ashesi University. Ghana

Philip Niles: MD/MBA student; AIDS activist with Volunteer Kenya; Consultant for the Flying Eye Hospital in Myanmar, Philippines, and Vietnam. U.S.

Pragnya Alekal: Activist, environmental engineer; former X-Prize consultant for the developing world. India/U.S.

Rommel Feria: Educator; Java, Mac and open source activist. Philippines

Rye Barcott: Marine Corps Captain; Founder of Carolina for Kibera; Student, Harvard Busines School/Harvard Kennedy School. Kenya/U.S.

Sara Mayhew: Mangaka (manga artist). Canada

Sean Gourley: Physicist/military theorist; Rhodes Scholar. New Zealand

Sheila Ochugboju: Operational Director of Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network; science educator. Nigeria/U.K.

Sophal Ear: National Security professor, Naval Postgraduate School; Cambodia Scholar — his family escapted the Khmer Rouge and survived when his mother posed as Vietnamese, a story she recounted to him for the New York Times. U.S./Cambodia

Taghi Amirani: Iranian physicist turned documentary filmmaker, has filmed the Taliban and NASA scientists; his most recent film, Red Lines and Deadlines, profiles Iran’s reformist journalists for PBS. Iran/U.K.

Tin Ho Chow: Design student, RISD; former Singaporean military officer; founder of a national humanitarian design conference. Singapore/U.S.

Yatin Sethi: Design researcher for Ashoka-Youth Venture; Cofounder of Pankhudi Foundation which aims to benefit underprivileged children in India. India/U.S.


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