Open source my life? or atlest goals, or atleast…

In Uncategorized on January 10, 2009 at 2:19 pm

Or at least the public accountability to achieve my 2009 goals.  Have been giving this some thought.  No doubt publicaly stating a goal and finding a group to support (read: hold feet to fire is critical).  But how how open could you make your life?  Daily reporting?  I’ll be enlisting  few friends to start with, but I like the idea of a more public systems. Something like here are my goals in detail, here’s where I’ll likely struggle, here is what I am committed to by X date, etc.. and then have it be public.  Like: a month before a goal is due your facebook status reads: “Justin needs to have completed goal of planning 8-course meal for 20 friends, please ask him how he is  doing..”  Options are endless, but think of the public humilation..

Certainly services like 43Things are popular tools.  Just came across Stickk which ups the stakes by having you set-up “commitment contracts.”  So in the event you don’t meet your goal by a specfic date,  you forfeit a pre-pledged amount of money to a designated person (could be a person, charity, or worse “anti-charity//foe”).

Ps: this post keeps my two posts a week resolution alive..


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